Plans for the Future

Exciting news! We are in the process of creating renovation plans for the whole hotel thanks to the new ownership and the general manager Harp Kaur!

If you’re interested in renting a conference room or have a party or a wedding or book a block of rooms please give us a call. We have a wide variety of choices. We have Balsam, Spruce, Cedar, Pine, Evergreen, Maple, Birch, Oak and Board Room. We do offer tours.

Balsam Conference Center
Spruce Conference Center
Cedar or Pine Conference Center
Evergreen Conference Center


Aim for Game

Randy will weigh and measure every buck that is brought in to us but you must be a guest to participate.- Oldest hunter and youngest hunter will – win a gift card from Dead Bear Brewery or TSC or Marathon- Biggest buck will get 20% off for one night for one room- Heaviest deer will get 10% off on an appetizer and one meal.On the 19th we will hold a bonfire party!

November Specials

For the week of November 17th – November 21st we will have a few drink specials.  The first one is a Frozen Tropical Dream.  This tropical drink is made from Malibu Rum, Amaretto, Pineapple Juice and Pina Colada mix. It is blended with ice and served in a hurricane glass for $5.  The next drink special is Gummy Bear Shots.  Each shot contains Peach Schnapps, a Flavored Vodka of your choice, Sprite and Sweet and Sour Mix.  These shots are $4.50 each.  Our last drink special for this week is a Cherry Pop.  This drink contains Gin, UV Cherry, Lemon Juice and garnished with a cherry.  A Cherry Pop is served in an Old Fashioned Glass and is only $5.50!

On November 18th we will have a special of Ruby’s Special Meatloaf.  It is a hearty, juicy slice of meatloaf served on a slice of buttered bread with mash potatoes and gravy.  This meal can be yours for only $8.  Come out and enjoy this warm, hearty meal to brace against the cold that is to come.

Introduction to Lounge Staff

Welcome to Ramada’s Bar and Grill!  We have great daily bar specials and a wide selection of liquor.  Our Bartender is Martha.  She has lived here in Grayling for a year.  She can make almost any drink you would like to drink.  Her favorite drink to make is a frozen Tropical Dream. 

Our Cook is Ruby.  She has been cooking for 20 years here in Grayling.  She is a wiz in the kitchen.  Even if you don’t see it on the menu, she will try to put it together for you.  Her favorite thing to make on the menu is the Rodeo Burger and Chicken Wraps.